Sunday, September 3, 2017

What can be learn from Nature?

I love clicking birds and so I have been observing trees quite keenly. I am fascinated with this particular species as they can change their color completely .
Gulmohar trees spread a beautiful carpet around them every summer. Each tree starts bearing red flowers at a particular time independent of its neighbouring Gulmohar. It sheds them at its own pace and dons the new green leaves as well.
Gulmohar Tree (24 Jun, 2017)
We can learn these things from them -
1. Be patient for good times - Your time to bear fruit will come at a time which is most suitable to you. There is a dawn after every dusk.
2. Stop comparing - Your friends, neighbours, relatives have different set of problems. Your time and length of good phase does not have to be synchronised with theirs.
3. Bad times teach us - If you are going through a low phase; remember that it will teach you to flower-up during your summers.
4. Be unattached - There is no need to be disheartened every time when things go wrong. You may have to shed your flowers because otherwise you may not gain new leaves.
5. Its a circle - All phases are effervescent. Life keeps oscillating between seasons of happiness and sadness.
Flower (3rd Sept, 2017)